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The Mom Entrepreneur's Top 11 Blog Posts of 2009

Monday, January 4, 2010
Wow 2009...what a great year! I had a lot to say this year and many of you had a lot to say back. I thought it would be fun to count down the Top 11 Blog Post of 2009 based on comments and feedback from readers.

I also learned a lot about what you like and what you want to hear more about in 2010.
And here they are...

11. March 31st - Am I losing my mind? (7 comments)

10. August 6th - Mom Entrepreneurs are only human (7 comments)

9. October 9th - Work-at-home moms do you feel isolated? (8 comments)

8. October 27th - What does your fortune say? (10 comments)

7. August 17th - The Mom Entrepreneur Named Top Blog (11 comments)

2. September 1st - Is this a typical day for a mom entrepreneur? (26 comments)

My favorite posts are #5, #3 and #2. Which one is your favorite?

Thanks so much to everyone for reading The Mom Entrepreneur Blog and for sharing your thoughts, ideas and emotions. You have been so supportive and I appreciate it very much!

I have lots more to tell you in 2010 so stay tuned!