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Mom entrepreneurs are only human

Thursday, August 6, 2009
I received a call from a woman today who saw our ad in the HARO. She wanted more information about our Holiday Co-op Shop program and our Online Support Group. I was not at my desk so she left a message.

I returned her call a few hours later...she was not there...I left a message.

She returned my call shortly after that. I have caller ID so I knew it was the same person. I answered...the connection sounded a bit muffled...

"Do you want your hot dog now or later..."

Well, it was lunch time and I was hungry, but I don't think she was talking to me.

"Hello?" I said.

{More muffled conversation...}



As I hung up, I started to laugh. That really made my day. It made me wonder if my phone has mysteriously called someone while I was at the drive thru window with my kids at McDonald's or getting a drink at Dunkin Donuts.

And as I sit here and sort through 25,222 emails in my InBox due to a big mistake I made with my email a year and a half ago, I remind myself that mom entrepreneurs are only human.