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More tips on using coupons and finding bargains

Thursday, April 9, 2009
I continue to cut coupons and look for sales at five different stores every week. It is amazing the discounts you can find if you look for sales, save coupons and then match coupons to sales items at different stores. This process for me has become a game. I enjoy seeing how much money I can save every week.

I wrote a post last week about using for additional savings when purchasing online. I also listed a number of online coupon and freebie sites that I recommend.

This past weekend, I found an article at entitled "Coupon Parties Big on Fun and Savings". This has become a very big business. I tried to find someone who offers these parties in New Hampshire, but no luck yet. The article also had some great tips on layering savings and other tips.

After reading that article, you should also subscribe to the Never Pay Retail Again blog. Jodi runs this blog and she really knows her stuff. A few days ago, she gave a great explanation about how to shop CVS by using coupon layering and getting Extra Care Bucks back in order to get tons of items for free.

I will be giving more tips about the art of saving and using coupons over the next several weeks as I continue to experiment and learn about the process from many different experts.

I would love to hear your tips and resources for finding bargains and saving lots of money on retail goods.

Happy savings!