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Our 1 year anniversary giveaway celebration

Tuesday, April 7, 2009
Wow! We are already celebrating our 1st Birthday. It has been a great year filled with learning, connecting and growing opportunities.

I have met so many amazing people along the way.

It is hard to believe that this company started because I was unable to network traditionally. I had moved back home to my office since my marketing and PR company had experienced a significant cash shortage. I did not want to layoff employees so I cut my own expenses and took my son out of daycare. Long story short...The Mom Entrepreneur was born (pun intended).

I love this job! It has been awhile since I have been able to feel passionate about my everyday work (other than raising kids, which I love).

I would love to hear thoughts from readers about your experiences with The Mom Entrepreneur over the past year. What is most memorable for you (i.e. favorite blog post, best tip or idea, a connection that occurred because of your association with us, etc.)? A reader will be chosen at random on Friday at 5pm EST from all who share a memory in the comment section. Winner chooses prize from list below.

To celebrate, we will be giving away dozens of prizes. I am not sure how long it will take us, but we will give them all away to our loyal readers. As a mom and an entrepreneur, I sometimes cannot tell how long it will take me to accomplish something. It may take us until the end of the month or end of the season to give our prizes away...but by golly, we will get it done.

List of prizes to be given away:

  1. Two 4-packs of Mighty Miracle Mist from Helpful Hallies
  2. Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters by Courtney E. Martin, donated by the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty
  3. Obagi Condition & Enhance System
  4. Johnny-Light toilet bowl nightlight
  5. Life Doesn't Begin 5 Pounds from Now by Jessica Weiner, donated by the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty
  6. Body Friendly Yoga Workout DVD from Kama Linden
  7. eBay Rescue Problem Solver by Kevin Boyd
  8. Two signed copies of The Hot Mommy Next Door by Alison M. Fadoul
  9. Dear Peppers and Pollywogs...What Parents Want to Know About Planning Their Kids' Parties by Lisa Kothari
  10. eBay Business at Your Fingertips by Kevin W. Boyd
  11. Greatest Secrets of the Coupon Mom by Stephanie Nelson
  12. A signed copy of Hurry Home by Leah McDermott
  13. Turn Your Business Card Into Business by Reno Lovison
  14. The Mother's Guide to Self-Renewal by Renee Peterson Trudeau
  15. Two Scrap Tunes (Happy Birthday and Alphabet Song)
  16. Spot Me ID temporary tattoos, ID bracelets and ID lanyards
  17. Let's Get Ready for Kindergarten! and Let's Get Ready for First Grade! from Cedar Valley Publishing
  18. A signed copy of The Miracle of Me by Amy B. Pederson
  19. Hubba Bubba a novel by Cindy Cody
  20. Book and treat from the Lollipop Book Club
  21. Accept No Mediocre Life by David Foster
  22. Fly Me To The Moon 3D Movie (DVD) from Summit Entertainment
  23. Finally Thin! by Kim Bensen
  24. Succession Are You Ready? by Marshall Goldsmith
  25. $50 shopping spree to Amon Maternity
  26. Winter Warmth Swaddle from aden + anais
  27. Thirty-minute makeover or head shot consultation and The Glam Plan ebook from Fabulous After 40
  28. One month membership to