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New FTC regulations for bloggers - help protect yourself with a Disclosure Policy

Tuesday, April 28, 2009
This morning in my BuzzLogic newsletter there was an article entitled: Bloggers Keep Those Cuffs Off! I thought this was a harsh statement to use for referring to the new FTC regulations for bloggers.

However, it looks like there will be very harsh penalties for bloggers who make false or liable statements when reviewing products and services.

Susan Getgood of Marketing Roadmaps has the best write up I have seen for what to expect and how to protect yourself.

Here is what she told BuzzLogic:
  • Advertising in the form of display ads or paid search are not affected, only sponsored posts and product endorsements.
  • Transparency is key - If you've received a product to review or are getting paid to write a post - by all means disclose this to your audience!
  • Tell the Truth - Well, we know you always do, but sometimes you might feel obliged to say something nice in exchange for a freebie - DON'T. Better to say nothing at all than risk your reputation or worse, get a potential sentence.
  • Check yourself - Are you expressing an opinion or stating a fact about the product? It's the latter that could get you in trouble if its untrue.

Susan also advises to have a good disclaimer, especially if you review products. You should also be very clear about contests and giveaways. I use, which allows you to generate your own policy for your blog. If you visit The Mom Entrepreneur Blog and scroll to the bottom of the right hand column, you will see my disclosure badge. Then click the badge to read my policy.

"By disclosing the purpose of a blog, bloggers are letting readers know more about the information they'll be reviewing. Bloggers retain the freedom to write original content, as well as select which advertisers they will represent in exchange for gifts or money." -

To read Susan's article, click here...>. Educate yourself about what the new regulations will be and protect yourself!