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Help others and you will be rewarded

Sunday, January 18, 2009
"It has been great getting to know you. Just wanted to say you are doing an amazing job with the group. Thanks for all your help and suggestions."

These kind words were written in a card that accompanied a box of chocolate brownies. They arrived from Diane Walker who is a senior executive for Send Out Cards.

Diane is a member of The Mom Entrepreneur Online Support Group. Lately, I have been receiving testimonials, phone calls and emails from members expressing their gratitude for creating this online support group.

One member commented that she belongs to many other online mom entrepreneur groups, but that "most of them have fizzled out...but not this one".

It is refreshing to hear the feedback from these women.

The Mom Entrepreneur was created back in April 2008 after I took my son out of daycare and retreated to my home office to save employees' jobs at my other company Bisson Barcelona. A few clients owed us in excess of $12,000. About $6,000 we never collected.

My exploration into social media, while working out of my home office, eventually led to the formation of an online support group. I have a lot of respect and admiration for the women in this group who have shared their innermost fears and desires with me.

I am dedicated to this group of mom entrepreneurs and will continue to do everything that I can to support them and help them succeed.

If you are a mom entrepreneur, join me and over 400 other women in the most productive and supportive group you will ever be a part of - The Mom Entrepreneur Online Support Group.