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What is the best way to maintain an exercise routine

Monday, January 19, 2009
I recently conducted a survey with 60 members from The Mom Entrepreneur Online Support Group. I asked how many women had a regular exercise routine. Thirty four responded "no", 22 responded "yes" and six members responded "other". Some of the comments included:

  1. Sort of...
  2. I wish!
  3. Depends on the day...I love to run!!
  4. Chasing my wee ones...
  5. It was more regular before I became pregnant. I'm still trying to keep up, but haven't been lately.
  6. No, but I really would like to. Very interesting in doing Pilate's/Yoga at home - just haven't started yet...
  7. Something I have been trying to work in my schedule for 2 years!
  8. At least I"m supposed to have one. I've been trying to do the Body for Life program, but getting in 6 days of exercise a week isn't easy!
  9. But gearing up to setup one.
  10. Will be getting back to it later in Dec (layoff due to an injury)
  11. Love to do yoga, walk, hike and go to the gym
  12. Used to.
  13. No...but I should!

As much as I love to exercise, it has always been difficult for me to stay consistent. Something always seems to throw me off course. I prefer to go to the gym because it takes me out of the house and there are so many choices...walking track, classes, swimming, exercise equipment, etc.

The gym I go to has a daycare. I figured this would make it very easy. I could take my youngest, work out for an hour and then pick him up. That lasted a few days. My son said he did not like the daycare and when I left him there, he would cry and hold on to my leg.

I felt guilty.

So I changed the time of day that I went to the gym. I took my older son after school and he would attend The Fit Spot, an exercise room for 8-14 year old kids. At first he loved it. Then he started to complain. He was bored.

I was tired of listening to him complain.

That was back in October, before our household passed around colds and other sicknesses. Here I am, almost three months later, hoping I can start again.

Like so many mom entrepreneurs, I desperately want a routine I can commit to, but "me time" is at a premium. So in addition to the gym, I will be using the new Wii balance board and Fit program. We have also taken up snow shoeing, which the kids really seem to enjoy.

My goal is to be healthy and gain enough energy to keep up with my children.

I would love to hear ideas from readers on how you make time for exercise.