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A tribute to my friend Garmin Nuvi

Saturday, September 20, 2008
They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. As a mom entrepreneur however, my best friend is Garmin Nuvi.

On Friday, I really put my friend to the test. I was traveling to Dedham, MA to meet with a client. As I made the 1.5 hour drive down, I saw miles of traffic on the North side of the highway due to construction. I knew I would have to leave my client's office by 1:00pm in order to pick my son up at school on time. The back up of traffic was a concern.

When the meeting was over and I was heading towards home, I noticed that the traffic was now backed up to the exit I entered. That meant sitting in seven or more miles of construction traffic with cars creeping along at a turtle's pace.

My options: call the school and see how long they could watch my son once school ended, call my husband and have him leave work two hours early to pick him up, or put my friend to the test.

I decided to test my friendship with Garmin Nuvi. I pressed "detour" on the GPS navigation system. It told me to turn around and head South. Just great, without a map, I was at the mercy of my friend. I had no idea how close the other major highways were to me. And I was concerned I would not make it to my son's school on time.

Garmin detoured me to I93, took up me Route 1 and back to I95 above the construction traffic. The detour only took me 14 minutes out of my way and I made it to my son's school with three minutes to spare. I was still a hero...and I am in love with my friend Garmin Nuvi. (Don't tell my husband:))