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It is the small successes in life that count

Monday, September 15, 2008

Over the past several weeks, I have had to measure small successes as I work towards achieving my goals. I am not a very patient person, so being forced to take smaller steps has been an interesting learning process for me.

Several weeks ago, I blogged about how I needed a hobby. My goal was to pick up my son after school each day and take him to the health club where we could each work out. I am happy to say this has become part of our daily routine. He enjoys playing tennis, swimming and exercising at the FitSpot center for kids. I try to get a one-hour workout in, which thus far has only consisted of cardio.

Well many mom entrepreneurs have been down this road? You have great intentions to be healthy and get in shape and then a few weeks into it you begin to get discouraged. Why doesn't the weight just melt away? OK, well this is the stage I am working through now. That is why measuring the small successes will carry me through.

1. This past weekend, I noticed I had more energy. On Sunday, I cleaned the house and still had energy for a three-mile walk. It felt great!

2. I was able to put my wedding ring on and take it off without the aid of soap or lotion.

3. Lastly, my thighs are not rubbing together as much as they used to...yes, small successes. I will take as many as I can get.

I met with my business consultant today. She is helping me to build my confidence back up after surviving three years of what I consider to be a big business failure. They say you learn more from your mistakes then from your successes. If that is true then I am at least an expert at something.

The last eight years of being a mom entrepreneur is primarily the reason why I created this blog. I will teach about my oh so many years of wisdom about what not to do in business. I am still waiting to figure out what it is I actually have to do to be successful. Hence the business consultant who does know what she is talking about.

So today I am also measuring five small successes as an entrepreneur thanks to my business consultant.

1. I was able to survive three years of growing too fast only to hit the bottom hard.

2. My cash flow analysis shows that I am in the black for at least the next 30 days; plenty of time for bringing on a new client.

3. I still own my home (along with two lien holders). There was a time when I was willing to sell it if needed to keep the company word...DUMB!

4. I have a great idea brewing about how I want to take The Mom Entrepreneur to the next level.

5. I know what I want to be when I grow up...a mom.

A big thanks also to the women in The Mom Entrepreneur Support Group. You gals are awesome!