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How do mom entrepreneurs spend "me-time"?

Saturday, September 20, 2008
A few weeks ago, I was driving home from a workout at the myself...which is rare. I was enjoying a strawberries and creme Frappuccino and listening to 70s music on satellite radio; Boston, Sweet, LedZeppelin, Aerosmith, Rufus and many more. It was a great ride.

So I started thinking about how I spend "me-time". My workouts are definitely my vice. My son goes to FitSpot for kids and I use the indoor track or express cardio room. An occasional bubble bath, reading before bed and nights out with friends are all activities I enjoy in my "me-time".

Managing families and a business leaves mom entrepreneurs very little time to themselves. I asked the women in The Mom Entrepreneur Support Group if they take "me-time", and if yes, how do they spend this precious time.

Several women replied..."me-time", what's that? As hard as it is to take time for ourselves, we have to find it or we explode on our kids and on our significant others. Not good!

Following are 16 responses from other mom entrepreneurs on how they spend their "me-time".

“Me time is spent reading for pleasure! It is my favorite escape!”
–Stacey Kannenberg, Cedar Valley Publishing,

“I enjoy a really good coffee as often as I can. I often meet for coffee (it's all about the coffee) with two friends who I've met through my daughter. We meet and just chat and chat. I also indulge whenever I can in a good book. I love to read and escape with either a serious read or lighthearted "chick lit". In addition, I love to download whatever I want on my iPod - love my iPod. My funny girly tunes just can completely change my mood.”
–Sara Bingham, WeeHands,

“My favorite "me time" is when I grab my camera and head outdoors to take photos of the surrounding landscape. Just being able to step back from life for a few moments and really appreciate the beauty all around is very soothing to me. I also like to indulge myself with a good romance novel that has a humorous twist to it and listen to 80's music.”
–Julie Northrop,,

“Me time for me (during the winter months) is getting on my snowmobile and riding! I live just off the trails and love to jump on and go! I actually don't even mind taking the kids, but I ride differently without them. It's more of a leisurely ride when the kids are with us. But when they're not, it's more of a workout and challenging!”
–Michelle Pratt-Lienhart, Just Be Products LLC,

“Every Sunday night, after I put my daughter to bed, I meet up with a girl friend to work-out. Sometimes we head over to the fitness center; sometimes we go for a jog. It's a great way to start the week. I also spend about 20 minutes before bed reading a magazine or book.”
–Lori Bittenbender, Lori Bittenbender Public Relations,

“I participate in a weekly class on Monday nights on the work of Byron Katie called Loving What Is. It is a chance to be around other adults, kick my brain into high gear and think deeply about a myriad of subjects. I am also starting to get back into two to three weekly jaunts to the gym.”
–Kelli Suchy NatureScape Photo,

“After the birth of my second child, the most significant time I have for myself happens when I am reading. Breastfeeding lends itself to reading. You have one story that you can pick up and have that intellectual stimulation or escape that mothers need when most free time is spent with little ones. Watching a movie, TV, etc. is too frustrating because your private time is so fragmented with little ones.”
–Kate Dodson Strain, Belzer PC,

“Me time for me is either spent having a pedicure with friends or grabbing a latte at Barnes & Nobel and sitting down to read a magazine for a few minutes of quiet time.”
–Jodi Van Lom, Playgroups USA,

“I love to be outside and enjoy the day (when it's sunny and perfect weather, that is!) I love a good brisk walk while listening to my iPod. U2 always puts me in a GREAT mood...”
–Jessica Lewis,,

“When I get some time to myself, I usually always try to fit a work out in. Even if it is 20 minutes at the gym, with no interruptions, it is great! The other favorite thing I do on my ‘me time’ is watch a favorite show that I have tivo’ed. At night when the house is quiet, if I have finished pending work items, I pour a glass a wine and catch up with Oprah, Dancing with the Stars, or Lost.”
–Jennifer Manriquez, The Bilingual Fun Co. LLC,

“I find that if I really want true 'me time', I can't be at home. If I'm home I'm in 'mommy-mode', and there will be no me time. So as often as I'm able, I take my 3rd baby (aka macbook) and head to Starbucks. I do my work, but it's in a relaxed environment with no distractions (and a nice caramel macchiato). Does it count if I am working? The other thing I do! After the kids are in bed I sometimes head out to window shop. Often when I've been out on the town with the kids, I'll see something I want to inspect closer, but of course can't, because my son is generally screaming or whining. So, at night I can head back to the mall or the store and look at stuff in peace.”
–Holly Klaassen, Her SEO,

"Me time for me consists of a hot bubble bath, and I go all out...candles, some relaxing music and a good magazine or novel (although it is hard to keep from opening those pesky business related books!) After a nice long soak, there is nothing like a snugly robe and soft slipper socks. If I'm fortunate (or completely exhausted) I can hit the hay a little early since I am usually relaxed and ready to drift off to dreamland. Doesn't cost much, and it rejuvenates my tired soul!”
–Traci Gieser, Little Hands Learning Company,

“For me time, I read. I love a good novel. Being that I am on the road a lot, I look for opportunities to read. I will go to a local park, sit under a tree and read for 20 minutes or so. It really clears my head.”
–Dara Blaker, Helpful Hallie's,

“I find it necessary to schedule my “me time” and encourage my clients to do the same. Some things I do include, manicure, massage, hang Out at Booksamillion with a decaf caramel macchiato with soy milk, shop just for me, candlelit bath, curl up with a good book, and silent moments – just me and God!
–Cathy Silva, Innerwiz Coach,

“I try to take advantage of even the small, unplanned moments. When I happen to be in the car without kids, running them to their various activities, I turn off the radio and just relish the quiet. I let my mind relax and think about the things that make life worthwhile, not the busyness and noise. I also find time on occasion to fill my garden tub/Jacuzzi with bubbles, light candles all around the room and let the tension melt away in sweet serenity. Mostly, I try to stop for "me-moments" throughout the day. I take a deep breath and take in the moment because it seems everyone is in such a hurry. I don't want to miss out on the preciousness of life around me.”
–Becky Sandefur, The Coupon Detective,

“We have a set "siesta" time each day, the kids don't have to nap, but it's chill/alone time for all of us for at least an hour every day. I'll take this time to catch up on emails/connections with friends, to watch the news, etc. A lot of time, I'll do some of the writing or designing aspects of the job because I truly enjoy this. I also get up and out and walk the dogs every morning before the hustle and bustle of the day. Meditating is another big one for me. The bookstore is another way I enjoy alone time - skimming magazines, looking at which cool notebook I want next, what new novels are out.”
–Amber Miner, Baby Fabulous,

How do you spend your "me-time"?