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Is this a typical day for a mom entrepreneur?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009
What my husband did today:

  • woke up
  • took the dog out
  • fed the dog
  • went to work
  • came home
  • ate
  • fed the dog
  • went to dog training class (dog did not go due to recent surgery)
  • picked up a few grocery items - including beer
  • watched TV
  • went to bed
What I did today:

  • woke up
  • got kids up
  • checked email
  • fed kids breakfast (I did not have time to eat)
  • fed cats
  • took dog out (she is recuperating from her spay surgery)
  • dropped off older son at school
  • picked up mail
  • worked at home while youngest son watched TV
  • took dog out
  • worked while son played
  • had a client tell me they wanted to end their campaign 3 months early - today
  • took dog out
  • fed my son lunch
  • fed the dog lunch
  • finally ate my breakfast
  • worked while son played
  • took the dog out
  • took youngest son to dentist appointment
  • picked up older son at school
  • took both kids home and fed a snack
  • took dog out
  • went back to work and made some phone calls
  • started making supper - dog pulled pizza off counter and started eating
  • fed kids
  • fed husband dog slobbered pizza
  • went back to work while kids watched movie
  • filled out multiple pages of forms from school (first day paperwork)
  • wrote multiple checks for hot lunch and Kindergarten cafe
  • wrote this blog post
  • read youngest a story - put him to bed
  • took dog out
  • fed cats
  • went back to work while oldest watched TV
  • put oldest son to bed
  • went back to work
  • ate a comfort snack
  • went to bed around 10:30pm to watch the news

Can't wait for tomorrow!

Mom entrepreneurs, is this a typical day? What other fun tasks were part of your day?