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The top 30 things I am grateful for

Friday, March 20, 2009
On this beautiful first day of spring, I am reminded of many things that I am grateful for.

The economy is still troublesome. We have been affected by it in many ways, but it certainly has helped me focus on what is good around me and I remain optimistic and hopeful about the future.

I welcome the change. Change is very good and change is coming. I think you have to get on board and embrace change or you will be left far behind. So in addition to change, following is a list of more things I am grateful for.

My top 30 things I am grateful for list:

  1. PTA bingo night with family - good cheap fun
  2. a supportive husband who gives flowers just because
  3. beautiful, healthy children
  4. my parents who are always there
  5. my older son who has the babysitter call me to see if he can watch a movie since he is grounded
  6. a smart brother who supports my websites for very little or no money
  7. a creative friend who is an amazing designer and developed The Mom Entrepreneur brand for barter
  8. my supportive friends in The Mom Entrepreneur Online Support Group
  9. readers of my blogs
  10. coupons - I just rediscovered these; great savings
  11. interviewers who are prepared
  12. creative websites that offer solutions
  13. a lenient landlord who waived a late fee on office rent - clients pay late, rent is late
  14. mint Oreo cookies - taste really good crumbled on chocolate pudding
  16. my Blackberry
  17. President Obama - he will do great things
  18. caller ID - yes, I know the medical bill payment is late, stop calling me!
  19. Craig's List - great for selling office furniture you no longer need
  20. cats that sleep all day instead of chasing your cursor on the screen while you are trying to work
  21. publicists who know what The Mom Entrepreneur is about when they pitch me - you know who you are:)
  22. people who return my calls and emails instead of blowing me off - I try to reciprocate
  23. auto responders letting me know someone is on vacation
  24. email signatures - I like to know more about the person I am responding to
  25. Joomla - love this platform
  26. - so quick and easy
  27. people who understand and respect the balancing act of a mom entrepreneur
  28. friends who genuinely give and expect nothing in return
  29. people who are not afraid to tell it like it is
  30. clients who continually entrust me with their projects

Next time perhaps I will make a list of the top things I am not grateful for:)

What are you grateful for?