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A valuable resource to help you continue your marketing efforts in a tough economy

Thursday, October 30, 2008
I have been a follower of Joan Stewart of The Publicity Hound now for several years. I also participated in her mentor program, which helped me to gain clarity in my business for how to work with the media. The economy has been tough for small business owners and that is why The Publicity Hound is such a great resource. Joan has dozens of free articles, resources, and tips to help small businesses learn how to secure media exposure efficiently and effectively.

In a recent phone conference I held with members of The Mom Entrepreneur Online Support Group to plan our 2009 teleseminar series, we discussed and agreed that the The Publicity Hound website was a very useful resource.

I encourage you to visit the website, sign up for the free weekly newsletter, register for informational teleseminars, purchase reports, CDs, ebooks, etc.

Joan Stewart is a former newspaper editor, a small business owner AND she was tapped by as its public relations expert. Click here to read all the columns she wrote for and check out her educational tools for small business owners.