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Mamas for Obama

Wednesday, October 29, 2008
I recently received information from Betsy Storm, principal of Top Drawer Communications located in Chicago, Illinois about a new endeavor she started. The Mom Entrepreneur endorses Barack Obama so I was intrigued to learn what Betsy was doing to create awareness as well as increase her business. Here is her story...

"About eight months ago, I decided to boost my business while doing something good for the Obama Campaign at the same time. I used my knowledge of graphics, printing, marketing and PR in general to design and produce a limited-edition (500) high-quality long-sleeve T-shirt sporting the slogan “Mamas for Obama Know the Power of Voting.” The T-shirt, printed in front and back in color, has been a moneymaker for my business, a great way to raise awareness of my communications business and a fundraiser for the Obama Campaign. I will give $1,000 of the proceeds of the sale of the T-shirt to the Obama Campaign within a couple of weeks."

Here is a link to her Web site for more information or to purchase a T-shirt and show your support: