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Diary of a Twitterholic Wannabe - part 3

Sunday, October 5, 2008
This is the final post in a series of three about the phenomenon we call Twitter. If you missed part one, you can read it here and for part two, click here.

After everything that I had learned about Twitter, I now wanted to find ways to promote my tweets on my other social networking sites and expand my reach. First, I created a Twitter badge (or widget), which allowed me to have a live feed of my tweets on my Facebook and MySpace page as well as all of my blogs and company website.

I also discovered FriendFeed, a social aggregator that consolidates updates on social websites. Several of my sites feed into my public FriendFeed, including Twitter, my blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and delicious (a social tagging site). My subscribers can now read all of The Mom Entrepreneur, Advice from the Media Mavens and Kids in NH posts and information in one place.

Then I found Widgetbox, which allowed me to create a blidget (blog widget) for each of my blogs. I installed the blidget for one blog in the other blog and vice versa (a great cross promotion strategy). I was also able to install on my website. In addition, my blidget was included in Widgetbox's public directory. Now others can install either The Mom Entrepreneur or Kids in NH blidget if they are interested in my discussion topics. So far 18 people have installed on a blog or website. This was a great way to buzz or spread my message.

Lastly, I located a program that allows me to post to many of my social networking sites, including Twitter in one location. Hellotxt lets you communicate with all of your networks at once. So for instance, the Twitter badge cannot yet be installed in LinkedIn, Pownce, FriendFeed and other places. So you enter your message into your Hellotxt account and it instantly appears in the social networking pages you associate with the program.

Twitter continues to evolve and grow and there is still so much to learn about how to use it effectively. One person who I rely on and follow loyally for his social marketing advice is Chris Brogan. To continue to learn more about Twitter and the social marketing trend, follow The Mom Entrepreneur on Twitter and follow Chris Brogan. Chris is #28 on the Twitterholic list...and maybe someday I will make the list too!

Happy twittering!