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My kids love their (oopdoo) hug

Monday, October 6, 2008
Back in June, I wrote that my (oopdoo)tm hug had arrived. My kids had not had a chance to use it until recently because they had not been sick and surprisingly had not gotten any boo boos. But when my 4-year old came down with a cold, I pulled out the soft, cuddly (oopdoo)tm hug, which is shaped like a large adhesive bandage, and let him sleep with it. It includes a pocket (normally for a hot or cold pack) but he decided to put his little bear in it. He slept peacefully through the night and ended up having to share with his 8-year old brother after he gave him his cold.

The (oopdoo)tm hug is what you get when you combine the comfort of a security blanket with the healing magic of a bandage. Made of Polartec fleece, this three foot "hug" is a comforting alternative to a bandage.

Katherine Klinger, founder and mother of one, created this concept to soothe her son who would ask for medicine for his "stomach aches". After this occurred several times, Katherine realized that he wasn't really asking for medicine, he just wanted that same magical effect that he got from an adhesive bandage.

Since she had worked for Malden Mills, Katherine had plenty of soft fleece available. She made her son an over-sized wrap in the shape of a bandage. The next time he complained of a stomach ache, she presented him with the soft bandage. Doubtful it would work, Katherine was surprised to see the magical healing powers of her creation. Her son fell asleep without asking again for medicine, and in the morning he felt better. It has worked ever since.

I can certainly understand why an idea like the (oopdoo)tm hug would be popular. My kids love it and they feel comforted by it. My advice however, is to make sure you take it away once they are feeling better. Otherwise, they treat it like a blankie and want to take it everywhere. Keep it for those occasions that warrant a little extra healing power. I highly recommend as a safe and better alternative to medicine whenever possible.

Know someone who needs a pick me up? Send them a virtual (oopdoo)tm hug.