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A date with my four year old

Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Tonight I enjoyed a special evening with my four year old son. Very rarely is it it just me and him spending quality time together. We shared a chicken parmigiana dinner at our favorite restaurant, Millo's Pizza, then we hung out at the playground and went to the library to get a book.

I had forgotten how talkative a preschooler can be when given the chance. We talked about his day at daycare and what he ate for lunch (he said he forgot to eat his fruit). We named his stuffed dog that also joined us for dinner and decided which paintings we liked best hanging on the restaurant wall. He even exclaimed that he had done his poopies at school today and asked if I was proud of him. I was!

It was a BlackBerry free night. No interruptions from anyone or anything...just me and my big boy. These moments are so precious. I am fortunate to be a mom entrepreneur and can afford a schedule that allows me more quality time with my kids.

Tell me about a special date you had recently with one of your children.