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Is peeing on the post office floor a federal offense?

Saturday, May 31, 2008
When training anyone to learn a new task, whether it is an employee or your child, you have to be ready to reward for a job well done and offer more training and support when the job is not done correctly. So what do you do when potty training your son and he pees on the post office floor? You grab his hand and walk briskly out of the building to your car and drive away.

OK, so that was Tuesday, the first day of potty training. Today is the fifth day. My son went from about 10 accidents on Tuesday, to two on Wednesday, to no accidents on Thursday and one on Friday. Constant praise, his big boy chart and all of the great advice I received from readers helped me to potty train him quickly. He also seemed ready. We had tried last October and he was not ready so we waited.

My son has now earned his sea creature hat. This was the award he picked according to the terms of his big boy chart. However, this is not as easy to find as I thought. I am looking for a baseball cap or other style hat with sea creatures on it. If you, or someone you know sells a product like this, please email me the details. And if peeing on the post office floor is a federal offense please let me know!