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5 Thrifty Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Have you heard about the upcoming Beauty Workout Holiday Boot Camp Tour happening in November? It is being held in 12 states across the U.S. by Skin Authority, the leading skin care lifestyle company.

Top beauty and lifestyle experts will be working with participants to design a beauty plan to help them go from drab to glam in 30 days. I love it!

Celeste Hilling who is the host of “Skin Health TODAY” and CEO of Skin Authority has partnered with us to bring you some great information in regards to the Holiday Boot Camp Tour as well as beauty and skin care tips.

We will also be giving away some amazing gifts and tickets to the Holiday Boot Camp Tour over the next 6 weeks.

We welcome your skin care and beauty questions for Celeste in the comment section below, which she will answer in an upcoming post.

5 Thrifty Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin
by Celeste Hilling

Beautiful skin without spending a lot of cash? It’s true. In fact, you can actually save money on skin care, while also cleaning out your cabinets! I have spent more than 15 years researching and designing products in the quest to help people build and maintain radiant skin. With these 5 thrifty tips, I hope to empower you to throw away your old ways of thinking.
  1. Out With the Old - discard your beauty products one year after opening them because bacteria can grow in the bottle and potentially cause infections or irritation when applied to the skin. Write the date purchased on the bottom of new products so that you know when it has reached the end of its useful life.
  2. Simplify Your Beauty – you only need three to four steps in the morning and at night. In the a.m., you need a mild cleanser, an anti-oxidant such as Vitamin C, and a sunscreen moisturizer. Before going to bed, use resurfacing ingredients such as AHAs and retinols, in addition to restorative peptides.
  3. Sun Protection – use sunscreen every day, rain or shine. To determine the quality, check the SPF number on the label (those with SPF 15 or greater yield the best results). Also, scan the active ingredient label to make sure it has UVA-blocking elements such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, or anything in the avobenzone family.
  4. Look at the Cost Per Ounce – shop for skin care products the way you shop for food, by looking at the cost per ounce. What you’ll find is that products from spas and salons are a great bargain since many include complimentary consultations with a licensed esthetics's expert.
  5. Don't Buy Products Based on Price – just because a product is expensive, does not mean it’s amazing. On the other hand, a product that costs less may not be a bargain that will work. Instead of shopping by price, evaluate the concentration of active ingredients and ensure any treatment product has a pH below four. The human skin ranges from 4.5-5.5 pH. A product should be below the pH level of the skin for maximum penetration.
About Celeste Hilling
Celeste Hilling is the host of the syndicated Internet radio show “Skin Health TODAY” and the Founder and CEO of Skin Authority, the leading skin care lifestyle company. As a respected speaker on beauty, health and self-esteem, Hilling is a recurring skin care expert for FOX News iMag, Spa Magazine and Les Nouvelles Esthetiques. More details on Hilling and Skin Authority online at