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Last night I cried

Monday, June 22, 2009
The school year is finally coming to an end in the part of NH where I live. Due to a nasty ice storm in December, the school year was extended by several days.

Thanks to the economy, I have been very fortunate to be able to spend the last 10 weeks with my youngest son. I pulled him out of preschool in April to home school and save an additional $150/week.

This week is our last week together.

Unfortunately, the 10 weeks did not go as planned. I was not able to do any homeschooling. Business has been increasing since the spring. I have turned prospects away so that I could maintain some normality to my schedule.

I have tried to stick to taking Fridays off. My son and I have gone to the Children's Museum, Seacoast Science Center, lunch with daddy, trips to the mall to play on the sea creature playground, etc. These days have been so special. Just me and him spending quality time together.

Our 10 weeks are over, he is going to summer camp and starting Kindergarten in the fall. He is my last baby.......Thinking about it last night after a long day and night was too much for me.

I will never take for granted the good fortune I have experienced being a mom entrepreneur. The precious time I have been given to spend with my children - attend every school play, assembly, sporting event, school field trip, graduation, etc. - is truly a gift.