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TELESEMINAR: How To Build Influence and Increase Your Profits Using Social Media

Monday, May 11, 2009
How To Build Influence and Increase Your Profits Using Social Media (What most social media experts aren't telling you about leveraging the power of social media marketing)

Presenter: Scott Bradley, owner, Networking Effectively
When: Wednesday, May 20th from 1:00PM - 2:15pm EST
Cost: $25 ($35 after May 15th)

Register now for early bird discount (limited to first 100 participants):

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"Our first presenter, Scott Bradley of Networking Effectively, is an amazing entrepreneur, marketer, speaker and social media strategist who uses the most innovative tools to increase visibility and excitement. He has collaborated with author Mike Michalowicz, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, taking the brand from obscure to well known in only five months. His advice and insights will certainly help other entrepreneurs maximize their impact, as well," said Traci Bisson, founder of The Mom Entrepreneur.

This presentation will help you uncover the myths about leveraging social media but also share with you some result-oriented strategies to effectively leveraging online technology by teaching you...
  1. what social media is...and what it is not...and why if you aren't leveraging it you are leaving a ton of $$ on the table;
  2. the biggest mistakes individuals make on Twitter and Facebook that do more harm than good;
  3. why humanizing your brand on these networks is important, and how to effectively create your own branding strategy;
  4. how to leverage Facebook and Twitter to build high quality, highly targeted and effective relationships in minutes...not days;
  5. the one thing you must have set up for social media to effectively work for you;
    the mindset you must adopt if you want to be successful using this powerful technology for your business;
  6. why building a social media platform is so important and what to keep in mind as you implement your strategy;
  7. real life case studies illustrating to you the power of this technology as a marketing tool;
    the one question you should ask any social media expert before you decide to work with them;
  8. the 8 tips every social networker must know before using this powerful technology for their business.

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