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My top 10 favorite bargain shopping/savings blogs

Thursday, May 28, 2009
Many people have been asking me to post my favorite list of bargain shopping sites.

A few months back, I started learning more about bargain shopping, coupon stacking, using sale flyers to do my shopping, etc. It takes a lot of time, but to me it is like a game. I like to see how much I can save weekly and how many items I can get for free.

Since I started, I have found the following 10 sites to be very useful in helping me understand how to bargain shop as well as alerting me to deals and specials at the stores I shop. Some of these sites overlap in the offers they find and post, but all are valuable to subscribe to if you want to learn all there is to know about bargain shopping.

My Top 10 Favorite Bargain Shopping/Savings Blogs (in no particular order):
  1. - This blog is written by Tara who is dedicated to helping other moms learn how to save money in order to stretch their budgets.
  2. - Maria writes this blog and she offers coupons, daily deals and sales updated on a daily basis.
  3. - I love Jodi's advice at this site. She has found a way to live the good life while spending a lot less. She is a hip mom who loves fashion at a (steep) discount and saves a ton of money on the things her family needs, like food and toiletries, so she has the money to splurge on the things she wants - like vacations, clothing, and a healthy savings account. I feel my philosophy is similar to Jodi's.
  4. - Melissa at is great. She is the money saving mom who helps you fight the rising costs of the economy by changing the way you shop, and giving you frugal tips.
  5. - I also love Kitty's blog where you can find great tips and links to online coupons. She loves blogging, shopping, celebrity gossip, saving money, and of course, chocolate! In addition, she has a listing of restaurants where kids can eat for free.
  6. - This is a great site for getting tons of freebies. So far, I have received samples for deodorant, Dunkin Donuts coffee, granola bars, snack packs, cologne for men and dozens of coupons for free products or savings.
  7. - This site has hundreds of coupons that can be clicked on and printed. Their selection changes often.
  8. - This blog, written by Crystal, is dedicated to helping you find great deals, stretch your hard-earned dollars, and live on less than you make so you can save more and give more.
  9. DealFindingMom - This blog is written by Ronell who loves to find ways to save money and share tips.
  10. - I use and recommend this product for storing all of the coupons you clip. I desperately needed an organization system and found that this one worked well and was a manageable size. You can also find coupons and other offers at this site.

So there is my list. What have I missed. Are there any sites you use for finding coupons and bargains that is not listed above? Please leave a comment with the details and a link. Thanks

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