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Colorado-based mom entrepreneurs are redefining athletic wear with women in mind

Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Exercise is such a critical part of staying healthy when you are pushing 40. Unfortunately, the majority of members in The Mom Entrepreneur Online Support Group admit they do not have time for a regular exercise routine.

After two kids, and in my late 30s, I have found that my weight seems to fluctuate with every rice cake and dish of ice cream I eat. OK, I love food! Who doesn't? I also love to exercise, but establishing a routine has been tricky.

One thing I have found that helps is knowing that I have workout clothes that fit and are comfortable. When pushing the limits of my "healthy" weight, I do not need to be pushing the limits of my $10.00 Wal-Mart sweatpants.

I recently discovered BornFit, a company that claims to be redefining athletic wear with women in mind. They sent me a sample of their Torrey Full Zip workout jacket in a beautiful forest green color. I found the jacket to be very stylish and made of a double-layer mesh - perfect for helping to keep me warm during those early morning walks.

BornFit was created by two moms; Colorado natives, who grew up among the stunning Rocky Mountains. With their love of hiking and the outdoors, it seemed only fitting to name their clothing after the oh-so-high Colorado 14ers (fourteen thousand foot peaks).

After meeting in college, Lisa Welch and Julie Hill began a lifelong friendship based strongly on their love for life, the outdoors and adventure! An all-time favorite memory includes trekking across New Zealand and bungee jumping off a bridge near Queenstown. After backpacking trips and crazy nights in Vegas, they would eventually reside in Colorado with their families.

The joy of motherhood called and they soon discovered the need for quality (and stylish) athletic clothing. They wanted to create products that not only made women look good, but also made them feel strong, confident and inspired. They founded BornFit on the solid belief that strong bodies produce a confident spirit which, as we all know, is sometimes challenged as a mother.

With the success of the BornFit Maternity Collection, they’ve now expanded the line to include the BornFit Collection, ‘relaxed fit’ sporty styles for women that are sold at boutique running stores, Title Nine Sports and Nordstrom.

Additional highlights include new signature BornFit marks, including a trio of circles that form a reflective logo. These three special circles express “BornFit. LiveFit. StayFit.” Prices range from $40 - $80.

BornFit is currently offering a $15 coupon for products when you go to the BornFit website and sign up for BornFit email alerts/newsletter between now and May 10. Go to and type your email address into the email alert box in the top right hand corner of the website. It is their way of saying thanks and Happy Mother's Day!