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Exercising will raise your energy level enough to make you want to clean your house

Tuesday, February 3, 2009
Recently I sent out a query looking for fitness experts who have worked with mom entrepreneurs. I wanted to speak with trainers who understood a woman's body post pregnancy and who also had an appreciation for a mom entrepreneur's busy schedule.

It is unrealistic to think that we can commit to 60 or even 30 minutes of exercise daily. We may desperately want to, but if we do, it is usually at the expense of something else just as important.

As I near 40, the thing I miss most is my energy level. I am not that active and I sit at my computer most of the day. I miss hiking, long walks, 30-mile bike rides, skiing and other activities I engaged in regularly about a decade ago (before kids).

Now my kids are older and they are very interested in these activities. It is almost like I have a chance to live again. I don't want to be left behind.

I have found that just walking for 30 minutes, three times a week has started to give me more energy. When I have the ambition to clean the house then I know something is working. Oddly enough, I sincerely enjoy exercising. I am a member of a health and fitness club that offers a great environment for all types of activities.

I am not much of an outdoors person in the winter, but this year my husband and I decided to try snowshoeing with the kids and we all love it. We have a huge backyard with many acres of woods beyond that. My husband has created paths all around our land and we try to get out every weekend (if it is above freezing).

So I sent out this query for fitness experts...I received about 50 or more emails with great tips for helping mom entrepreneurs get back in shape and feel energized. I am in the process of narrowing down the list to three to four experts whose advice I will highlight throughout 2009.

If you are ready to make the commitment to be healthy, get back and shape and feel more energized please let me know!