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Free Strategy Roundtables for New Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
I recently received this information from Maureen Kelly at Biz Book PR. It looked very valuable so I wanted to pass it along. I have signed up for the March 25th roundtable discussion.

Early stage entrepreneurs generally cannot afford a top strategy consultant to help solve problems on product strategy, channel options, positioning, financing, etc. So, as part of her effort to rejuvenate the economy through promoting entrepreneurship, serial entrepreneur and strategy consultant Sramana Mitra will be hosting some free online Strategy Roundtables with Dimdim--the open source web conferencing platform.

Following are the sessions available:

During each 60-minute session, entrepreneurs are invited to pitch Sramana their ideas in a 3-minute presentation. She will review the material in real-time and provide feedback on each pitch, as well as address specific strategy questions from the entrepreneur.

Afterwards, she will take questions about strategy from other participants. The session is open to 1,000 people, but only the first five to sign up for each session will have the opportunity to pitch Sramana and discuss their business. The rest of the attendees can listen, and learn from the interaction. More often than not, the same questions are on many minds, so listening to the roundtable discussions is always a good learning experience.

For more information and to register, click here.

Sramana Mitra is the author of Entrepreneur Journeys, now available on Amazon. She is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who has founded three companies and provided strategy consulting to over 80 organizations, large and small. She is a weekly columnist for Forbes and writes a widely syndicated business blog, “Sramana Mitra on Strategy” ( Sramana has a master’s degree in electrical engineering and computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.