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A challenging week to be a Mom Entrepreneur!

Friday, December 19, 2008
I have missed bringing you our awesome "lemons to lemonade" marathon. But it is hard to type with no power. We will be back with our inspirational stories this weekend.

Since Thursday, December 11th, many people, including my family, have been without power due to what Public Service Company of NH calls "the worst ice storm in it's history".

Fortunately, we got our power back on Wednesday of this week. Thousands of people are still without power and Friday brought another several inches of snow.

Schools were closed for days due to power outages. Even our local post office was closed for two days! I still love living in NH though if you can believe it.

Since being an entrepreneur this past week was challenging, I had to focus on my mom duties and try to keep the kids occupied.

I am grateful to my parents and brother who each got their power back days before we did and let us stay at their homes. My youngest son's daycare opened up before the public schools and they offered to take in my older son as well.

Many thanks to friends and neighbors who checked in on us, and clients who were very understanding when it came to project deadlines.

A huge thanks to our electrician, and another mom entrepreneur, who was at my house within 10 minutes on Wednesday (the day we were actually able to purchase a generator to keep the pipes from freezing) to set up our generator and give us heat.

I am also grateful to all of my friends from The Mom Entrepreneur Online Support Group and on Twitter who sent emails and direct messages telling us to hang in there. What a great support system!

I learned that a mom's best friend is a head lamp and a pair of gloves. Unfortunately, my brown leather gloves were ruined. I spilled gasoline on them trying to fill the generator:(

Here are some pictures of the mess the ice storm created in our driveway. It took us several hours just to be able to leave our home to find hot food and heat.