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How to know if you are a mom entrepreneur

Tuesday, October 14, 2008
Found this great post on Baby Boomba about "how to know if you are a mom entrepreneur". I got a good laugh from reading this list. It is so true!
  1. Your healthy lunch includes a slice of bread folded over with some ham stuck in between.
  2. Sending emails at 3:00 am means nothing.
  3. Hitting the stop watch as soon as someone goes down for a nap.
  4. Asking yourself if you really need to use that washroom or is your bladder fooling you.
  5. The post man/woman only recognizes you with your pyjamas on.
  6. You time your bookkeeping for the duration of a Wiggles show.
  7. Your business cards have applesauce stains.
  8. A Happy meal is a business expense.
  9. Don't Call. Contact by email only.
  10. Typing emails with one hand.
  11. Forgetting what you did a half second ago.
  12. Your suppliers know your children by their first name.
  13. Assume standing position over you laptop for a good 10 min even though the chair is right beside you.
  14. Diego is sometimes your best friend.

Which ones best describe you? Anything else that should be added to this list?