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Thanks Diana for your words of advice

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Sometimes all you need in life is the wisdom of a good dog.

Thanks Diana (another mom entrepreneur) for your words of wisdom! Safe travels to you and Pug as you start your next adventure in life.

"Good luck to you with your new endeavor The Mom Entrepreneur. The blog looks great! After spending a little time on it, I'd like to offer something for your consideration. In the title you say you are "trying" to balance... The word trying suggests that you have not accomplished this balance. I beg to differ. From the outside looking in, you have indeed found some sort of balance (or harmony, my preferred word) between these two lives. Your biz is thriving as are your kids (nobody has starved to death, have they?:-) Granted, it's all a matter of perspective but I don't believe you have to try, I believe you are in fact doing. And bravo to you for that!"

-Diana Taylor, Top Dog, Pug At The Beach