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My summer childcare dilemma

Wednesday, May 14, 2008
OK, so there is just over one month to go before summer vacation begins for my eight year old. I have no idea what he is going to do this year?

He used to go to the camp put on by the rec department in our town. He has gone for two years, but last year he said that it was boring. I have been looking at possibly sending him to a few different places like sports camps, 4-H camps, environmental camps, etc. By the time you add up eight individual weeks of different camps, you have enough to make a down payment on a house....OK, maybe not that much:)

So what to do? I cannot very easily take him to work with me or take him to meetings, and unfortunately he does not entertain himself very well. I need a solution that will keep him challenged and entertained, and be cost effective.

I recently discovered Dr. Michelle Borba's Parenting Secrets on the iVillage Web site. Dr. Borba is a mom and a contributor to NBC's Today show. She is looking for YOUR questions about summer parenting for an upcoming segment on the Today show. Visit the site and leave your biggest parenting query as a comment and your question may be answered on the blog or live on the Today show!

Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions here as well on what your plans are for your school aged children during the summer.